University of Camerino


Grid Thoma

Assistant Professor of Economics and Management

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Patent Management and Valuation: The Strategic and Geographical Dimension, Routledge, July 2016. Paperback edition issued in 2018.


Recent publications

Composite Value Index of Trademark Indicators, World Patent Information, 56:6475, March 2019.

Trademarks and the Patent Premium Value: Evidence from Medical and Cosmetic Products, World Patent Information, 41:2330, June 2015.

Cross-pollination in Science and Technology: Concept Mobility in the Nanobiotechnology Field (with Stine Grodal), Annals of Economics and Statistics, 115/116:5780, December 2014, Special Issue on Knowledge Capital in Nanotechnology and Other High Tech Industries.

Composite Value Index of Patent Indicators: Factor Analysis Combining Bibliographic and Survey Datasets, World Patent Information, 38:1926, September 2014.

Modelling Credit Risk for Innovative Firms: the Role of Innovation Measures (with Chiara Pederzoli and Costanza Torricelli), Journal of Financial Services Research, 44(1):111129, August 2013.

Economic Value and Quality of Chinese Patenting: an International Perspective, Seoul Journal of Economics, 26(1):3372, March 2013, Special Issue on Innovation and Economic Growth in the Changing Economic Landscape.